Reverie Series

The Reverie Series, Susan Swartz’s newest works, capture the serenity and dreaminess of the seasons.  Painted in weightless, bright colors, the collection evokes a sense of calm and invites viewers to pause and engage in the dialogue within the canvas.

Swartz’s imagination is fully at play.  Her most textured and abstract work to date, the Reverie Series explore the joys associated with the Eleusinian ideal.  Each color reflects a state of reverie apparent in the varying temporal seasons: the snow and blue skies; green pine trees decorated with delicate snow; the sparkling, rich teal water; the red leaves of fall; the purple hues of the changing seasons. 

The heavily textured and layered paints are reminiscent of soft, snowy peaks, rippling tides, and heaps of leaves.  The paintings recall the beauty and delights of each season, and inspire viewers to discover a new love and appreciation for the natural environment.

These Reveries can be mixed and matched to create one’s own personal daydream.