Landscape of Resonances Series

The Landscape of Resonances series comprises thirteen bold and unique paintings to date. Unlike many of Susan Swartz's other paintings, these pieces are closely tied to themes related to music. Just as in an orchestral masterpiece, various melodic and harmonic lines come together, layering over one another, commenting on one another, so do the Landscape of Resonances paintings build slowly to an intricate and beautiful whole. 

Look first at Landscape of Resonances 002, its brilliant golds and burning reds woven together to create something stunning. It could just as easily be depicting a western sunset in deep summer as it could a northern forest at the height of autumn. Note the subtle lavender tones in the center of the piece. Perhaps they seem out of place when you consciously reflect on their presence but, then again, without them the piece just would not meld the way it does.

Every piece in the Landscape of Resonances series can be similarly examined -- see the interaction of the disparate colors and how they seem to naturally complement one another. It seems there is no question that the gray tones and the yellow hues of Landscape of Resonances 006 were meant to mingle. Nor that the vibrant blue highlights and rich black shadows of Landscape of Resonances 009 were destined to dance together. 

While this series is named in part for the similarities between the layered paintings and the texture found in orchestral music, there is an undeniable tie between these pieces and Swartz's relationship with nature. With these paintings, the viewer sees that the many layers come together in a harmonious way, much in the same way we observe harmony in nature. At first glance, it seems improbable that so many strokes of color could come together so seamlessly to form a comprehensible whole. But we see this in the world around us — each distinct system sustains the next.