Honors and Awards

The honors and awards received by artist Susan Swartz including 2005 Artist-in-Resident at Harvard Divinity School, official 2002 SLC Olympic Winter Games Environmental Artist,  and 2001 Utah Governor's Mansion Award.

Artist-in-Residence at Harvard Divinity School


Susan Swartz was invited to Harvard University's Divinity School (HDS) in 2005 as a visiting artist-in-residence in recognition for a 35-year career that explored the intersection of faith and art. In addition to working on her own pieces, Swartz spent the time advising students and sharing both individually and in a public presentation her own experience of striving to interpret God's creation.

Her hope is that she encouraged both students and faculty to look at an artistic life as a spiritual path, and to understand more fully the declaration of HDS alumnus, Ralph Waldo Emerson that "art is the path of the creator to his work." http://www.hds.harvard.edu/

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