The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Modern West Fine Art to Represent Susan Swartz in Salt Lake City

Anytime a new gallery opens its doors, an unspoken invitation is issued to whet our palates on the delightful unknown. Beckoning to seasoned art collectors as well as those venturing into the art world for the first time, Modern West Fine Art seeks to further define the landscape of contemporary Western art and perhaps give us a glimpse of the future.

Pioneered by Diane Stewart, an established collector and stalwart supporter of the arts in Utah, and Donna Poulton, a renowned curator, historian and art advisor, Modern West promises to refresh our collective understanding of the landscapes, portraits, sculptures, collages and textiles that comprise the contemporary movement in the west.

A longtime friend of Susan's, Donna Poulton penned the introduction to the catalogue for her "Natural Revelations" exhibition at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in 2007.  With her understanding of the emotions and ideas Susan means to impart to the viewer, along with her recognition of what remains to be interpreted and drawn out independently, Donna will serve as steward to some of Susan's work as Modern West Fine Art represents Susan in Salt Lake City.

The first two of Susan's pieces to reside in the gallery's gorgeous new space in the Edison Quarter will be Contemplation 8 and Contemplation 9. These paintings are both bold and intricate, a combination that encourages reflection on the power of the unseen; the layers beneath the surface offering up their strength and supporting the delicate tones of white which meet the viewer on first glance.

Featured alongside Susan will be artists Mark Eberhard, Phil Epp, Bale Creek Allen, Ed Mell and Logan Hagege, to name just a few. The stunning initial collection assembled at Modern West Fine Art represents the potential for incredible things yet to come.