The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Susan Swartz's Winter Hush at Knole

Winter Hush II
48 x 72

Although it is an early spring in most of the country this year, it is still winter in the mountains of Utah. Inspired by a late January trip to the English countryside, Susan has just completed a series of paintings entitled Winter Hush.

It was a Saturday afternoon and an unexpected snow storm covered the grounds of Knole in Kent. Leaving behind the history and 17th century magnificence of the Sackvilles, Susan entered the quiet, the peace, the hush of the park. This is the grandeur she seeks.

Join Susan Swartz at Art Palm Beach 2012

Daily Sail
9 x 12

Returning to Palm Beach after a stellar 2011, gallery director Michael James invites all Susan Swartz fans to step into her special world of color and light as he presents a new collection of her paintings at Art Palm Beach this week:

  • January 19, 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm (Preview)
  • January 20– 22, 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • January 23, 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Palm Beach County Convention Center
650 Okeehobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Complimentary tickets will be available at 'will call' under Michael James Fine Art.

Glimpsing Susan Swartz's Wasatch in the Big Apple

George Weiss and Susan Swartz

George Weiss and Susan Swartz

Talk about excess baggage charges — Susan and lots of her recent paintings traveled to New York City this week for a very special event. A collection of  Susan’s available paintings opens today at The Carlyle Hotel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Exhibited alongside estate silver specialist, The Silver Fund, and luxury jeweler, YVEL, Susan’s work includes several pieces from her recent solo exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, as well as a selection of brand new paintings.

Avenue, Manhattan’s oldest society magazine, promoted the three-day event in its November 2011 issue, calling the triple-threat exhibition a “Trove of Treasures.” Says the publication, “New Yorkers are on the prowl for unique, exquisite and memorable pieces to gift… [now] holiday shoppers will have the chance to feast their eyes on the remarkable collections [offered by this trio.]”

In New York this weekend? Stop by The Carlyle from 10am-8pm today or tomorrow,  Saturday, December 10th or Sunday, December 11th from 10am-4pm.

Susan Swartz Lauded As Utah Artist And National Treasure

Susan is stunned and grateful to have been lauded so thoroughly by friends and supporters at a celebration on October 15 in the extraordinary Zions Bank Founders Room in downtown Salt Lake City.

In a room packed with admirers, peers and friends, Susan was honored as national treasure who sheds a flattering light on the state of Utah. Hosts Scott Anderson (president and CEO, Zions Bank), Geralyn Dreyfous (founder and chair, Utah Film Center and Impact Partners) and Byron Russell (Byron Russell LLC) celebrated not only Susan’s artistic talents, but also her life-changing generosity and her gift of deep and abiding friendship.

A Zions Bank-commissioned painting and other private collection works by Susan were on display to enhance the special video screening of the opening reception of her recently-concluded National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) exhibition, Seasons of the Soul.

Remarks Susan about the evening:

With the preparation and opening of any exhibition of paintings, there is so much work, anticipation and excitement for the artist. One continues to bask in the glow throughout its life in the gallery. What one is less prepared for are those wistful and bittersweet feelings at its quiet closure — a very private end to a public experience. For me, this celebration brought an unexpectedly joyful conclusion to my NMWA exhibition. To celebrate with good friends and so many new friends was a glorious benediction.

See Jon Huntman's special message to Susan  ›

Harvard Divinity School Commends Susan Swartz's “Spiritual Lens”

36 x 36

The current issue of the Harvard Divinity Bulletin features a long article by William A. Graham, Dean at HDS and respected Harvard professor and scholar. In “Reading the ‘Book of Nature’,” Graham uses the collection of paintings in Susan’s book, Natural Revelations, to explore the “venerable tradition of artists who find in nature their prime window on the divine.”

Coupled with reprints of Susan’s paintings, Graham’s prose takes readers from Plotinus, to the Qur’an, to Ralph Waldo Emerson, all the while noting the links between art, religion and nature. Writes Graham:

Swartz’ electrifying paintings focus in particular on the wonders and the magnificence [of nature] — an emphasis that echoes the oldest spiritual and aesthetic intuitions of our species. Her art radiates the conviction that nature reveals that which transcends our physical universe and our fragile experience as mortal beings in a perilous passage through a world vastly larger than ourselves or even our imagining.

This article was first published in Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Summer/Autumn 2011, Volume 39, Numbers 3 & 4. If you’d like read Graham’s complete article, please visit

Upcoming Solo Show at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Petah Coyne
Untitled (#781)

Are you ready for the big news? We’re so excited to tell you that we can’t hold it in any longer: Susan is being honored with a special solo exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) in Washington, D.C.

In celebration of the museum’s 25th anniversary, Susan will present Seasons of the Soul, a collection of her boldest, riskiest landscape paintings, from June 17 - October 2, 2011. Museum Director, Dr. Susan Fisher Sterling says,

Pulsating with dazzling color, Susan Swartz’s abstract landscapes simultaneously articulate her awe of the natural world and her rallying cry for its preservation…The National Museum of Women in the Arts is delighted to showcase her work in a special exhibition this summer.

Coming off a busy and successful trio of art shows in Florida, the news of this invitation leaves Susan feeling more blessed and grateful than ever. “On my first visit to the museum over 24 years ago, I was blown away by the caliber and diversity of the work on display,” says Susan. “I remember thinking ‘maybe one day my work will be here,’ so it’s an incredible honor, a dream, to have my paintings at such a pioneering institution that has done so much for women artists.”

Susan Swartz Reflecting On The Summer in Martha's Vineyard

Regatta Week

Where has the summer gone? In Susan’s case, it went directly onto her canvases in the form of new paintings.

Susan recently returned to the mountains after a summer spent on the coast. In Martha’s Vineyard, Susan put in long hours in her studio, where not surprisingly, she focused primarily on water scenes. On the Vineyard, Susan’s daily strolls along the beach and past farmland dotted with small ponds inspired a slew of new work depicting mercurial seascapes and tranquil lily ponds.

While the new work is available for purchase, much of it is intended for Susan’s solo exhibition next summer at the Carol Craven Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard. To view Susan’s available waterscape paintings, visit her online gallery here.

Springville Museum of Art Acquires Susan Swartz Painting for Permanent Collection

Amazing Grace 72 x 72

Amazing Grace
72 x 72

Following the success of Susan’s January 2010 solo exhibition at Utah’s oldest museum for the fine arts, the Springville Museum of Art, museum director, Vern Swanson, purchased one of the paintings for its permanent collection. “Amazing Grace” is a large piece—six feet by six feet—done in acrylic on linen. The painting depicts the crimson blaze of a maple forest, basking in the warm complacency of an autumn evening.

“Vern is such an authority in the art world—especially regarding Utah art,” says Susan. “Having a substantial work of mine selected by him to be preserved for posterity in the permanent collection is a huge honor.” Swanson holds a PhD in art history, has published several notable books on art and has acted as museum director since 1980.

“Amazing Grace” will be on display in the permanent collection of the Springville Museum of Art .