The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Thiel and Swartz: The Complexity of Nature Through Two Distinct Lenses

Susan’s most recent, increasingly abstract work will be on display in a new exhibition at London’s Belgravia Gallery, alongside renowned painter Leslie Thiel. While their subjects — landscape and horses, respectively — and their styles — abstract and realist — couldn’t be more distinct, both artists are moved by the natural world and express a fierce tenderness toward the earth’s fragility.

Like Susan, Leslie Thiel is an internationally recognized painter, whose large-scale pieces appear in collections throughout the world. Her interest is not in capturing the mere surface of her equine subjects, but in conveying the inner light that emanates from within them. Her painstaking detail and exacting realism are the perfect foil to Susan’s luminous abstract forms.

The exhibition opens this week at Belgravia Gallery and tonight, Thursday, October 17, a private viewing will be available from 6 - 8 pm. Interested in attending? RSVP to

Gillian Tett Hosts Susan Swartz’s Opening Reception at Belgravia Gallery

Gillian Tent  

Gillian Tent 

After months of planning and preparations, Susan’s latest exhibition, BREATH OF NATURE, opens this week at London’s Belgravia Gallery.

Last night, kicking off a week of exhibition events, renowned British writer Gillian Tett hosted the opening celebration. Tett has won numerous awards for her impactful journalism at the Financial Times, and Susan is proud to call her a longtime friend.

At the reception, Tett, just arriving in London from her New York City home, stressed that no one can ignore the impact we world citizens are having on the environment. We must all use our talents to  take action, whether that be by wielding a paintbrush or our voices.

Belgravia Gallery in London to Exhibit Susan Swartz

Winter Chill
36 x 60

With a busy summer of painting ahead of her, Susan is preparing for her autumn jaunt across the pond. From November 5th to 24th 2012, a collection of Susan’s recent paintings will be on display at Belgravia Gallery in the heart of London’s art district, near Piccadilly. One of London’s most respected galleries, Belgravia has exhibited works from such notable artists as Picasso, Rembrandt, Warhol, Robert Indiana, Nelson Mandela, Paul Chizik and now … Susan!

The exhibition at Belgravia will include some of Susan’s newest — and most abstract — pieces to-date. “My relationship with the environment is more complex after my illnesses,” explains Susan. “My newest paintings reflect this complexity with a conceptual approach that demands viewers question their own relationships with the natural world.”

Find out more about the exhibition, and stay tuned for details about the London exhibition and special events happening in conjunction with it.