The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Forward to Susan Swartz Belgravia Catalogue by Oceanic Preservation Society's Louie Psihoyos

As an artist, Susan spent years painting the grandeur and serenity of the natural world. When she became desperately ill with environmentally-bred diseases, Susan saw the fragility of nature. So too for me. As a photographer for National Geographic I was able to catalogue the beauty of our planet for two decades. As a diver for that same period of time, I was able to bear witness to its degradation.

It is from this perspective that I, along with a close group of like-minded activists, formed the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS). Nobody could have predicted the success of our first endeavor, the Academy Awardâ winning film The Cove, but there was never any question of its importance. Susan saw the truth in our story right away, and became a champion of OPS and a supporter of our films.

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Susan Swartz's Winter Hush at Knole

Winter Hush II
48 x 72

Although it is an early spring in most of the country this year, it is still winter in the mountains of Utah. Inspired by a late January trip to the English countryside, Susan has just completed a series of paintings entitled Winter Hush.

It was a Saturday afternoon and an unexpected snow storm covered the grounds of Knole in Kent. Leaving behind the history and 17th century magnificence of the Sackvilles, Susan entered the quiet, the peace, the hush of the park. This is the grandeur she seeks.