The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Zion’s Bank Commissions Susan Swartz Original

Steadfast Strength
72 x 72

Susan recently completed an original commission for the new Zion’s Bank Financial Center in Provo, Utah. A longtime supporter of Susan’s work, Zion’s Bank dedicated the new eight-story building in May 2010, at which point the painting was revealed to the public. 

Titled “Steadfast Strength”, the large square canvas is a testament to the steadfast security that Zion’s Bank provides during turbulent times. The painting depicts a sheltered stand of native aspens, purposely extending beyond the frame to convey a feeling of strength and grounded power, while the use of cool colors create a sense of calm and harmony for bank workers and patrons alike.

Says Susan, “Since becoming ill from a contaminated environment, I have become ever more resolute in honoring and protecting the natural world in its pristine state. ‘The Steadfast Strength ’ is a manifestation of this passion.” Those interested in viewing the painting are encouraged to stop by the Zion’s Bank Financial Center at 196 North University Avenue in Provo’s downtown.