The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Susan Swartz Dazzles Art Lovers at the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair

The popularity of art fairs has grown in the past decade.  These venues bring together galleries, artists, and collectors to learn about artists from around the world and to recognize and contemplate the importance of art in society.  Many fairs focus on certain themes and will often feature panels and conversations among leaders involved in all aspects of the art world.

Contemporary Istanbul is no exception.  Galleries, artists, media, and collectors flock to Istanbul for the 10th anniversary of this renowned art fair.  This year, the focus is on Contemporary Tehran and New Media, both of which are novel themes to this venue.  Much of the work is politically motivated, revealing aspects of diverse cultures and the tension between races, religions, progress, and new technologies.  However, not all of the exhibits portray this upheaval.    

Galerie Edition Purrmann represents eight artists whose works are inspired by landscapes.  The use of different mediums contributes to an assortment of artwork, encompassing both two- and three-dimensional pieces, including heavily layered and textured paintings.  Regardless of the medium, these works always look to the theme of nature. 

Susan Swartz’s paintings, in particular Bhutan September and Contemplation in Square 2, provide an oasis from the aesthetically bright and thematically heavy artwork present throughout the fair.  The soft colors and meditative disposition of Swartz’s paintings remind us of the escapism that art often provides.  We are transported to a place of serenity and spirituality.

Situated at the entrance of Galerie Edition Purrmann’s space, Swartz’s Eastern Energy connects the other art at the fair to that located within this specific booth.  The dominant red and yellow colors of Eastern Energy, reminiscent of Western narratives of the East, radiate a lively spirit and feeling of vitality.  It evokes rays of sunshine bouncing off surfaces on an electrifyingly hot day, not unlike the glistening of the gold and mosaics in the historical Turkish landscape. 

Step into Galerie Edition Purrmann’s booth to be fully immersed in a world where the meaning of the artwork comes from the creative process.  Michael Kmoth, Ralph Fleck, Ben Kamli, Markus Lüpertz, and Andreas Lutherer – all artists exhibiting with Galerie Edition Purrmann – share a common ethos with Swartz.  Art is not just a hobby or means of expressing a motivated idea.  It is a passion, a necessary component of living.  For these artists, their medium of choice is a way of life. 

Contemporary Istanbul clearly establishes Susan Swartz on the international canvas.  Her paintings have a global identity that transcend cultures and nationalities and connect the human spirit to a universal experience -- that of the world of the imagination.

Susan Swartz and Jacki Zehner Host the Global Fund For Women in Park City

​Susan Swartz, a founder of the Christian Center of Park City (left) and Jacki Zehner (right), a Park City resident and CEO of Women Moving Millions, hosted a luncheon in Park City last week to highlight the philanthropic work being done by the Global Fund for Women. The keynote speaker was Musimbi Kanyoro (center), the fund's CEO.

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Belgravia Gallery in London to Exhibit Susan Swartz

Winter Chill
36 x 60

With a busy summer of painting ahead of her, Susan is preparing for her autumn jaunt across the pond. From November 5th to 24th 2012, a collection of Susan’s recent paintings will be on display at Belgravia Gallery in the heart of London’s art district, near Piccadilly. One of London’s most respected galleries, Belgravia has exhibited works from such notable artists as Picasso, Rembrandt, Warhol, Robert Indiana, Nelson Mandela, Paul Chizik and now … Susan!

The exhibition at Belgravia will include some of Susan’s newest — and most abstract — pieces to-date. “My relationship with the environment is more complex after my illnesses,” explains Susan. “My newest paintings reflect this complexity with a conceptual approach that demands viewers question their own relationships with the natural world.”

Find out more about the exhibition, and stay tuned for details about the London exhibition and special events happening in conjunction with it.

"My favorite piece of the night..." Susan Swartz at Naples International Art & Antiques Fair

"...was a painting by Susan Swartz, Autumn Blaze II" says Kristie Aronow of Gulfshore Live in her review of Thursday night's opening of the Naples International Art & Antique Fair. “You feel the emotion, the heat, of the forest,” said another patron who also was  taken with the painting, “you can feel the oncoming winter and  the last hurrah of fall.” Susan is humbled by another fantastic reception in Florida this season!

Susan Swartz Greetings from Naples International Art & Antiques Fair

Autumn Blaze II
48 x 60

If you stroll into the Naples International Art & Antique Fair this weekend, guess whose painting will be the first to welcome you? Susan's of course! Autumn Blaze II, a Swartz signature piece, graces the opening of the pavilion. 

Gallery Director Michael James is proud to bring Susan's work to the Florida Gulf Coast for a second year. As Yohana de la Torre, Chief Editor of The Gulf Coast Times wrote,

… Swartz's color constructions are mesmerizing. And the composition astounding.

Download the entire The Magical World of Suzan Swartz article, and please be our guests this weekend in Naples*:

  • Friday to Sunday, February 24 to 26, 11 am to 7 pm
  • Monday and Tuesday, February 27 and 28, 11am to 5 pm
  • Naples International Pavilion, 4835 Immokalee Road, Naples, FL 34110

* Complimentary tickets at "will call" under Michael James Fine Art. 

Susan Swartz Lauded As Utah Artist And National Treasure

Susan is stunned and grateful to have been lauded so thoroughly by friends and supporters at a celebration on October 15 in the extraordinary Zions Bank Founders Room in downtown Salt Lake City.

In a room packed with admirers, peers and friends, Susan was honored as national treasure who sheds a flattering light on the state of Utah. Hosts Scott Anderson (president and CEO, Zions Bank), Geralyn Dreyfous (founder and chair, Utah Film Center and Impact Partners) and Byron Russell (Byron Russell LLC) celebrated not only Susan’s artistic talents, but also her life-changing generosity and her gift of deep and abiding friendship.

A Zions Bank-commissioned painting and other private collection works by Susan were on display to enhance the special video screening of the opening reception of her recently-concluded National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) exhibition, Seasons of the Soul.

Remarks Susan about the evening:

With the preparation and opening of any exhibition of paintings, there is so much work, anticipation and excitement for the artist. One continues to bask in the glow throughout its life in the gallery. What one is less prepared for are those wistful and bittersweet feelings at its quiet closure — a very private end to a public experience. For me, this celebration brought an unexpectedly joyful conclusion to my NMWA exhibition. To celebrate with good friends and so many new friends was a glorious benediction.

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