The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Susan Swartz Budapest Solo Exhibition to Open December 9, 2016

Susan Swartz Studios is thrilled to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of Personal Path at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Hungary.  The exhibition will open Friday, December 9th.  Works from previous Personal Path exhibitions as well as some of Swartz’s newest paintings will be featured.

The Ludwig Museum in Budapest marks the third installment of Swartz’s Personal Path exhibition.  Previously, Personal Path has toured at the Kollegienkirche in Salzburg, Austria and the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, Germany.  Each new venue provides a visual iteration of Swartz’s past work interspersed with her latest creations.  Thus, each new space becomes a progression in Swartz’s growth and “personal path” as an artist.

The Ludwig Museum in Budapest displays modern and contemporary art, with a focus on Eastern and Central European, including Hungarian art from the 60s to present.  Its permanent collection – donated to the museum by Peter and Irene Ludwig – houses notable American pop artists including Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, and Andy Warhol, among others.  In addition, the museum showcases leading artists of the international scene and will feature Susan Swartz in this latest show that will run through February 2017.

Additional information on Personal Path at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Hungary will be forthcoming.

Susan Swartz Studios Winter Recap

Susan Swartz has had a busy and exciting year, highlighted by the opening of her eponymous art gallery.  

Susan Swartz Studios, located at 260 Main Street, Park City, officially opened its doors on February 9th.  It features paintings spanning the past 15 years of Swartz’s career –- her signature aspen works as well as her new, modern abstract pieces. The gallery has received much praise and has helped further Swartz’s reputation.  It provides a beautiful and tranquil space for contemplative appreciation of Swartz’s relation with her art and the natural world.

This past February, Swartz participated in the 2016 Winter Art Salon at the Deer Valley Montage, a fundraiser to benefit the Kimball Art Center.  Swartz’s most recent work was displayed, and Swartz had the opportunity to discuss her art and career with event attendees during an intimate Q+A session with Robin Marrouche, the Executive Director of the Kimball Art Center.

In conjunction with the June Park City Gallery Stroll, Susan Swartz Studios will present a new collection of paintings from Swartz’s most recent work.  More information about this “opening” night will be announced.  Be sure to visit the gallery this summer to see these new works before they tour in Swartz’s 2016–2017 worldwide exhibitions to the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Hungary; Yuan Museum in Beijing, China; Ludwig Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia; and the new Manetti Shrem Museum of Art at the University of California at Davis.


Photos from the gallery open can be found here.

Photos from the 2016 Winter Art Salon can be found here

Susan Swartz Dazzles Art Lovers at the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair

The popularity of art fairs has grown in the past decade.  These venues bring together galleries, artists, and collectors to learn about artists from around the world and to recognize and contemplate the importance of art in society.  Many fairs focus on certain themes and will often feature panels and conversations among leaders involved in all aspects of the art world.

Contemporary Istanbul is no exception.  Galleries, artists, media, and collectors flock to Istanbul for the 10th anniversary of this renowned art fair.  This year, the focus is on Contemporary Tehran and New Media, both of which are novel themes to this venue.  Much of the work is politically motivated, revealing aspects of diverse cultures and the tension between races, religions, progress, and new technologies.  However, not all of the exhibits portray this upheaval.    

Galerie Edition Purrmann represents eight artists whose works are inspired by landscapes.  The use of different mediums contributes to an assortment of artwork, encompassing both two- and three-dimensional pieces, including heavily layered and textured paintings.  Regardless of the medium, these works always look to the theme of nature. 

Susan Swartz’s paintings, in particular Bhutan September and Contemplation in Square 2, provide an oasis from the aesthetically bright and thematically heavy artwork present throughout the fair.  The soft colors and meditative disposition of Swartz’s paintings remind us of the escapism that art often provides.  We are transported to a place of serenity and spirituality.

Situated at the entrance of Galerie Edition Purrmann’s space, Swartz’s Eastern Energy connects the other art at the fair to that located within this specific booth.  The dominant red and yellow colors of Eastern Energy, reminiscent of Western narratives of the East, radiate a lively spirit and feeling of vitality.  It evokes rays of sunshine bouncing off surfaces on an electrifyingly hot day, not unlike the glistening of the gold and mosaics in the historical Turkish landscape. 

Step into Galerie Edition Purrmann’s booth to be fully immersed in a world where the meaning of the artwork comes from the creative process.  Michael Kmoth, Ralph Fleck, Ben Kamli, Markus Lüpertz, and Andreas Lutherer – all artists exhibiting with Galerie Edition Purrmann – share a common ethos with Swartz.  Art is not just a hobby or means of expressing a motivated idea.  It is a passion, a necessary component of living.  For these artists, their medium of choice is a way of life. 

Contemporary Istanbul clearly establishes Susan Swartz on the international canvas.  Her paintings have a global identity that transcend cultures and nationalities and connect the human spirit to a universal experience -- that of the world of the imagination.

Susan Swartz at the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair

Eastern Energy, 48x48in, 2015

We are pleased to announce Susan Swartz’s participation in the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair this November.  Galerie Edition Purrmann will show four of Susan’s paintings in its booth at this prestigious venue.

Contemporary Istanbul is the region’s premier international art fair.  This year, the fair encompasses more than 100 galleries from 24 countries across the world.  Contemporary Istanbul attracts both local and international attention to the region’s growing art scene.  In recent years, Istanbul has become a hub for contemporary art.

Galerie Edition Purrmann was founded by Sven Purrmann in 1994.  It represents numerous notable artists including Guldenstern, Andreas Lutherer, Michael Kmoth, Jochen Pankrath – and now Susan Swartz.  Galerie Edition Purrmann has participated in numerous art fairs throughout the world.  Most recently, the gallery exhibited at Art Fair Cologne and Art Karlsruhe.

As a collection, these exhibited paintings show Susan’s continued growth within the field of abstract painting.  Joy appears chaotic with its intense texture and varied colors, but one only has to look deeper to discover a sensation of spirituality and peacefulness.  Bhutan September, with its predominantly green canvas, transmits the feeling of serenity that is often associated with nature.  Contemplation in Square 2, from Susan’s Contemplation Series, is again a softer painting that prompts inner reflection.  On the other hand, the vivid red, yellow, and orange of Eastern Energy radiate a fiery spirit that precariously balances between chaos and order.  In all these paintings, the viewer is encouraged to contemplate the varying emotions and tensions apparent in abstract art, particularly in these four works.

The Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair will be held from November 12 through November 15, 2015. 

Additional information about Susan’s artwork at Contemporary Istanbul can be found here.

Personal Path Exhibition Closes After 10-Week Run

Susan Swartz and Dr. Beate Reifenscheid, the Director of the Ludwig Museum

Susan Swartz and Dr. Beate Reifenscheid, the Director of the Ludwig Museum

Susan Swartz’s exhibition, Personal Path, at the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, Germany closed August 2 after a 10-week run.  The museum reported a record number of visitors who came to see the show. 

Personal Path paints a beautiful history of Swartz’s artistic career, drawing emphasis to the artist’s desire to maintain equilibrium between concrete images and the imagination.  This balancing act was evident throughout the exhibition. 

As the exhibition title suggests, the show reflects Swartz’s personal path.  Swartz has progressed from being a more reserved artist to one who is unafraid to take risks and is willing to relinquish control to her desire and imagination.  As exhibition curator, Professor Dr. Dieter Ronte writes in his essay Abstraction as a Personal Path, “Swartz withdraws from the received idea that art is the imitation of nature.”  It is with this realization and freedom that Swartz’s artwork has been able to reach a new form of maturation.   

German publications covered the exhibition as well as the Park City, Utah based publications Mountain Express Magazine and Park Record.

A beautiful catalog of the exhibition is available upon request.  All artwork from the show is for sale.  Please contact the studio for more information. 

Swartz would like to thank all who helped make this exhibition possible.  In particular: Walter Smerling and Stiftung für Kunst & Kultur; Dr. Dieter Ronte; Dr. Beate Reifenscheid; the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, Germany; Christine Rackey; Rene Freund; the Springville Museum of Art; and the Utah Museum of Fine Art. 

Swartz’s work will be featured at the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair this November.  In February, her work will appear at the Kimball Art Center’s Winter Art Salon at the Montage Hotel in Park City, Utah.   Additional information about these two shows will be available in the following months. 

A Review of Susan Swartz’s Personal Path Solo Exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, Germany - May 21-August 2, 2015

At the famous Deutsches Eck, or “German Corner”, where the Rhine and Moselle rivers converge, lies one of Germany's oldest and most beautiful towns – Koblenz.  It has been dedicated as a UNESCO world heritage site and is considered to be a national treasure. It is also the backdrop for Susan Swartz’s latest solo exhibition, Personal Path, where 80 of her works occupy three floors of the City’s esteemed Ludwig Museum.

On May 20, 2015 I had the great pleasure of attending the opening of the exhibit, attended by many leaders in the European art world and several key dignitaries of Germany. The Director of the Ludwig Museum, Dr. Beate Reifenscheid, noted in her opening remarks that dedicating three floors of a museum to a single artist is almost unheard of, which is true not only in Europe but anywhere in the museum world.  Seeing an exhibit with three floors dedicated to a single artist is truly a remarkable experience.  It is a triumph in the career of any artist, past or present.

Amy Brownstein, Jim Swartz, Susan Swartz, and Robin Marrouche

Amy Brownstein, Jim Swartz, Susan Swartz, and Robin Marrouche

The artist’s journey is clearly visible when works created over the past ten years are placed within a single show.  Over the three floors of the Ludwig Museum, Susan Swartz’s paintings tell a story not only of her artistic career but also of her personal victories and dedication to expressing the beauty of nature. Swartz overcame sicknesses that, through using a newfound strength of inspiration, allowed her to display a new form of power and narrative in her work.

The first floor of the exhibit displays Swartz’s larger paintings, some of which belong to museums and private collections, and are quite well known in her hometown community of Park City, Utah.  Earlier works are placed between newer paintings, so visitors can see the evolution of Swartz’s artistic style.  Experiencing these large creations hanging and well lit in the museum is magical – the colors are brighter and the brushstrokes are more vivid. 

Moving through the show reveals the clear progression of the exhibition.  The second floor features two of Swartz’s series, the Contemplation Series and the Landscape of Resonances, among other paintings.  Here, the move from slightly abstracted to fully abstracted painting becomes visible.  The contrast between the bright colors of the Landscape of Resonances Series and the soft shades of the Contemplation Series creates a flow to the room giving visitors space to think about Swartz’s work and its changes overtime.  The third floor showcases some of Swartz’s smaller works, again blending newer and older pieces to maintain the energy and juxtaposition that is so crucial to the exhibition.

Curator Dieter Ronte aptly quotes Jane Goodall, the famous primatologist on Swartz's work in the entry didactic: "Each of her paintings richly illustrates the beauty of our world...".  You leave the Ludwig Museum's doors not only inspired but also grateful for nature's wonders. The energy of the show is unbelievable and its setting at the famous German Corner, makes it all the more special. The careful placement of paintings and enormity of the exhibition puts Swartz’s work in a new light.  I urge anyone visiting Germany this summer to pay a visit to Susan Swartz's stunning exhibit in lovely Koblenz. 

Robin Marrouche is the Executive Director of the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah.  She has been following Susan Swartz’s career since 2007.  Swartz’s work was part of a group exhibition at the Kimball Art Center in 2013. 

A photo gallery with images of the exhibition can be found here.


Susan Swartz Is Now Featured In Solo Exhibition at Ludwig Museum, Koblenz

On Wednesday evening, May 20th, an exhibition of paintings by Susan Swartz, opened at the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, Germany.  This solo exhibition entitled, Personal Path, features more than 80 works of art spanning various stages of her career. Works exhibited encompass many styles, showcasing Swartz’s evolution as an artist from a realist painter to an abstract painter. The exhibition will be on view through August 2, 2015.

More than 300 guests attended the preview event. Remarks were made by our distinguished guests: Joachim Hofmann-Göttig, the Lord Mayor of Koblenz; Julia Klöckner, the Vice President of the CDU; Professor Dr. Beate Reifensheid, the Director of the Museum; Professor Dr. Dieter Ronte, the Exhibition Curator; and Susan Swartz.  The exhibition was organized and made possible by the Ludwig Museum and the Foundation for Art and Culture.

The Ludwig Museum was founded in 1992 and its permanent collection was assembled by the prominent collectors Peter and Irene Ludwig.  The collection is mainly post-1945 German and French art with well-known artists represented such as Pablo Picasso, Jean Dubuffet and American artists, Jasper Johns, Willem de Kooning and Robert Rauschenberg. 

Professor Dr. Dieter Ronte, the curator of the exhibition, and former Director of the Museum of Modern Art Vienna and the Kunst Museum Bonn, describes Swartz’s works as, “witnesses of personal introspection as self-discovery and self-determination through pictorial bursts […] full of romanticism, aspiration, love and always on the search for the secret supernatural, pursuing people’s mind towards nature, looking for a universal poetry which binds at the same time scholarship, religion and visual arts.”

Working primarily with acrylics on linen, Swartz’s work is known for its rich texture and the intricate layering of color she employs to give her paintings life and energy.  With her evocation of coastal splendor and mountain drama, Swartz follows in the tradition of the great German painters, 19th century Romantic sage Caspar David Friedrich, and 20th century icon Gerhard Richter.  She is inspired by the intersection of art, nature, and spirituality.

Commenting on the exhibit in Koblenz, Swartz says “I am delighted to share my work with visitors to the Ludwig Museum and the citizens of Germany. Painting is both my passion and my profession and, as the name of this exhibition suggests, my evolution as an artist has been a journey down a very personal path. I paint what I see before me, employing different styles and techniques depending on the imagery and what speaks to me.”

Swartz’s career has long been inspired by her views of the natural world and her spiritual beliefs.  As the Official Environmental Artist of the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Swartz’s work both as a painter and an activist is widely recognized and credited with advancing conversation about human stewardship of natural resources.

Swartz serves on the Dean’s Council of the Harvard Divinity School.  Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions at the Kollegienkirche Salzburg in Austria, the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, the Springville Museum in Springville, Utah, and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She is represented by Belgravia Gallery in London.

Susan Swartz is available for personal interviews upon request.

Susan Swartz Awes and Surprises at Financial Times Opening Night Party for Frieze NYC

Susan Swartz

Susan Swartz

On Thursday, May 14, Susan Swartz’s original art work could be found displayed throughout the home of Financial Times US Managing Editor Gillian Tett in honor of the opening day of Frieze New York 2015.  As long time supporters of Swartz’s work, Tett and partner Joshua Brockner wanted to feature her paintings and art video installation at the event.  More than 10 of Swartz’s paintings, including those from her Contemplation Series and newest series Blue Reverie, were on display as well as her video, Preserving Grace, produced with cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg. 

Gillian Tett and Susan Swartz

Upon arriving, guests were provided with headsets to fully experience Preserving Grace.  The video blends images of Swartz’s paintings with photos of nature, showing just how intimately Susan’s works interrelate with the natural scenery of her surroundings.  Throughout the seven-minute video, viewers were captivated by the juxtaposition of the real and the imagined, and by Susan’s ability to transcend both these realms. Rethinking their own relationship with nature, guests watched the video multiple times and found Swartz’s work to be exciting and new, enabling them to deepen their appreciation of her canvases.

Guests enjoying Preserving Grace

Swartz follows the success of this event with A Personal Path, a solo exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, Germany from May 20 to August 2, 2015.  Swartz is truly a rising star in the international contemporary art world.

Forest Glow - US State Department Art in Embassies Program

Forest Glow, 2017

Forest Glow, 2017

Susan was recently invited to participate in the Art in Embassies (AIE) program and her work will be displayed at the US Ambassadorial Residence in New Zealand.  AIE, formalized by President John F. Kennedy in 1963, uses the visual arts to achieve the US State Department’s goals of promoting public diplomacy through cross-cultural dialogue.  AIE has over 20,000 participants globally, including artists, curators, galleries, museums, private collectors, and universities.  

Mark Gilbert, the US Ambassador to New Zealand, selected Susan’s Forest Glow for the Ambassadorial Residence’s collection.  Mark and Nancy Gilbert collect Susan’s paintings. Completed in 2007, Forest Glow is part of Susan’s collection of surrealistic and abstract tree paintings inspired by the Wasatch Mountains surrounding Park City.  The muted green and vivid purple hues of Forest Glow represent springtime, the arrival of color and the rebirth of nature.  Ambassador Gilbert explains his reasoning for choosing Forest Glow: “It is the perfect fit for the Ambassadorial Residence – it provides a connection between American abstract landscape art and the lush New Zealand scenery.”

Forest Glow  on display in the library at the Ambassadorial Residence

Forest Glow on display in the library at the Ambassadorial Residence

Susan is greatly honored and humbled to join the prestigious artists represented in the US State Department’s art collection.  When Ambassador Gilbert’s tour ends, Susan’s artwork will remain in the AIE database, available for other diplomats to hang in their homes.  Susan’s work is not limited to one group of people or one location; it crosses national and international borders and spurs conversations about art and culture.

 While Susan’s work is currently hanging on the library wall of the Ambassador’s home, the official opening of the artwork at the Residence is June 21, 2015.