The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Susan Swartz Awes and Surprises at Financial Times Opening Night Party for Frieze NYC

Susan Swartz

Susan Swartz

On Thursday, May 14, Susan Swartz’s original art work could be found displayed throughout the home of Financial Times US Managing Editor Gillian Tett in honor of the opening day of Frieze New York 2015.  As long time supporters of Swartz’s work, Tett and partner Joshua Brockner wanted to feature her paintings and art video installation at the event.  More than 10 of Swartz’s paintings, including those from her Contemplation Series and newest series Blue Reverie, were on display as well as her video, Preserving Grace, produced with cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg. 

Gillian Tett and Susan Swartz

Upon arriving, guests were provided with headsets to fully experience Preserving Grace.  The video blends images of Swartz’s paintings with photos of nature, showing just how intimately Susan’s works interrelate with the natural scenery of her surroundings.  Throughout the seven-minute video, viewers were captivated by the juxtaposition of the real and the imagined, and by Susan’s ability to transcend both these realms. Rethinking their own relationship with nature, guests watched the video multiple times and found Swartz’s work to be exciting and new, enabling them to deepen their appreciation of her canvases.

Guests enjoying Preserving Grace

Swartz follows the success of this event with A Personal Path, a solo exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, Germany from May 20 to August 2, 2015.  Swartz is truly a rising star in the international contemporary art world.