The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Susan Swartz Featured at The Winter Art Salon in Deer Valley

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At the height of the Park City ski season, nestled in the ambient lower ballroom of the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, the Kimball Art Center presents a salon which dances with light and color. Featuring a variety of work that speaks to every taste, the Winter Art Salon plays host to pieces by Susan Swartz, Dale Chihuly, Linda Lee Johnson, Alexandra Hart, Nelson Mandela and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales from February 21-23, 2014.

The brilliant sheen of Chihuly's famous glasswork alongside the warm glow of Alexandra Hart's gold jewelry complements Susan's depictions of the delicate interactions of the natural elements. Linda Lee Johnson's sculpture and jewelry stand apart and reflect her long history of creative exploration of physical form. The Belgravia Gallery of London, which represents Susan in the United Kingdom, presents the signed lithographs of Prince Charles and the late Nelson Mandela; providing a rare glimpse into the artistic expression of these two remarkable leaders.

A central tie for several of the presenting artists is a sense of environmental responsibility, an ethic that Park City espouses exquisitely. Susan has woven scenes of natural beauty, both realistic and abstract, throughout her collection as a means of drawing attention to the importance of environmental stewardship. Dale Chihuly's glasswork is reminiscent of forms and figures from the natural world.

Alexandra Hart is well known for her use of ethically sourced materials and conservative fabrication practices; her socially responsible bent is highly regarded throughout and beyond her industry. Linda Lee Johnson's pieces often depict flora and fauna, enabling viewers to devote their attention to the meaning of the natural world in their lives.

Prince Charles has a longstanding legacy as a passionate environmentalist; in many ways he was a visionary long before his time, pioneering the organic movement in the UK and leading the charge on climate change. His lithographs depict scenes of his favorite places including Scotland, images of both the landscapes he loves and some of the homes associated with his life and that of his family.

In his lifetime, Nelson Mandela was a champion for sustainable development in his homeland and the world over. He envisioned a world in which "work, bread, water and salt for all" would be a reality. His lithographs cast light on the hardship of his time spent on Robben Island and remind viewers of the great leader who stood against adversity and for human and environmental rights.

On the whole, The Winter Art Salon at Deer Valley is a window on the world through the eyes of masterful artists, some of whom also represent local, national and international social and environmental interests. Susan's decision to exhibit pieces from her Landscape of Resonances, Nature's Mirage and Contemplation series, among other works, speaks to the breadth and depth of her collection and her genuine desire to start a conversation about we care for the world around us.