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“Women’s Rights in a Man’s World” – Harvard Divinity School Panel Discussion

Harvard Divinity School Video

Harvard Divinity School Video

Susan was honored to support the Divinity School at Harvard University by sponsoring the February 28th panel about the barriers facing women hoping to work within Shari’a law courts. Titled “Women’s Rights in a Man’s World,” the panel featured Kholoud Al-Faqih, the first female judge in a Palestinian Shari’a court, as well as several other notable female law leaders.

As women, we have to look at ourselves from all directions, from all mirrors, not from a broken mirror. If we look at ourselves, as women, from a complete mirror, we will see a complete human being with full rights.
— Judge Al-Faqih

The panel discussion was the first of a series of talks and presentations about the boundaries and divisions of religion and social justice, all sponsored by Susan as part of a recent gift from her Susan Shallcross Swartz Endowment for Christian Studies.

Susan attended the panel and was both moved and inspired to further action by the speakers. “Our hope and vision is that these conversations will invigorate our understanding of Christian studies by exploring ethics and cross-cultural understanding,” she explained.

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