The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Susan Swartz Balancing Darkness with Light

36 x 36

As the heat of summer recedes into our skin and the last tomatoes wither on the vine, Susan looks forward to the approaching autumnal equinox. September 22 marks not only the first day of autumn, but also the point in the year when night and day are of equal length, the midpoint between the brightness of summer and the darkness of winter.

As an artist, Susan relies on this interplay of light and shadow to add depth and dimension to her paintings. And on a more personal level also Susan welcomes this balance of light and dark. The spiritual writer Joyce Rupp captures Susan’s feelings when she writes “I gratefully acknowledge how darkness has become less of an enemy for me and more of a place of silent nurturance, where the slow, steady gestation needed for my soul’s growth can occur.”

How will you mark the equinox? With exuberant activity? With quiet reflection? Or with a balance of both?