The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Art Slant News of Susan Swartz Belgravia Gallery Exhibition

A Perfect Day
30 x 30

Breath of Nature Paintings by Susan Swartz
October 22nd – November 24th

45 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JL, United Kingdom
Phone: + 44 (0) 207 495 1010
Hours: Monday To Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Or By Appointment

American artist Susan Swartz is being shown for the first time in London with a special exhibition of BREATH OF NATURE paintings. Susan has been recognized for being both a passionate abstract painter and ardent Environmental Campaigner. Named as an official Environmental Artist of the Salt Lake City Olympics, Susan Swartz was challenged over a ten year period with two environmentally-bred illnesses - Mercury Poison and Lyme Disease which left her at times unable to hold a paint brush. She has since changed her life and focus and her paintings have become more bold and impasssioned as she has come to support individuals and organizations who champion the protection of our environment. On November 7th, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who founded the Waterkeeper Alliance, and Louie Psihoyos, the Academy Award winning documentary film director who is Executive Dierctor of the Oceanic Preservation Society will join Susan at The Belgravia Gallery to talk about "A Shared Passion For Environmental Campaigning."

Today Susan uses her painting talent to bring a message of urgency and hope to audiences who may not be aware of how our carelessness with the environment has come to endanger not just the planet but our health and the health of our children.

She paints from homes in two of the most beautiful natural habits anywhere, the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and the shores of Martha's Vineyard.