The news of artist, environmental activist, documentary film producer and philanthropist Susan Swartz.

Summer's Best: Susan Swartz in Martha's Vineyard Art & Ideas

Threshold. If there were a single word that situates Susan Swartz’s art it may be threshold. Susan Swartz is perhaps herself a threshold between nature and visual representation of nature, between life and its image. She shares this liminal life easily, almost as a muse or a sound board of nature. ‘There is a passion and a meaning behind what I paint. Every canvas begins with a feeling — I feel before I imagine. Meaning and image come together in each painting. I ask, what does it mean to look at the water when the sky and the water are one? What happens as a gray but colorful mist comes in on the waterlilies and soaks in the soul?’
— Patrick Phillips

So begins Patrick Phillips in this article in Martha's Vineyard Art & Ideas Mid Summer 2012 issue. Read the entire article.

Download the Summer 2012 Issue

Download the Summer 2012 Issue