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Susan Swartz, A Personal Path

Kulturfenster  Summer 2014

Kulturfenster Summer 2014

The American artist Susan Swartz was invited to a present a selection of her works for the first time in Austria in Salzburg. A Personal Path, which is the apt title of the exhibition, premiering on May 30 at the newly renovated Collegiate Church, describes the personal journey on which the artist is. In the course of her artistic career she has found in abstract painting her artistic position. Her work is at its core an illustration of her bright personal experience, her [Uberseugungen] and interpretations. For Swartz nature in its beauty is both exciting and challenging to capture and portray. Her deep faith in God, the creator of the universe, nature and people gives her strength for the daily work. So she says, “If God is the creator, I need not do anything more than interpret.


Searching, Finding

Kronen Zeitung  May 2014

Kronen Zeitung May 2014

The successfully completed restoration of the Collegiate Church in 2013 shows the mighty impres- sive Johann Fischer von Erlach construction after 300 years in new and modest luster. Until July 4th is in a [num] of artistic counterpoint to experience with vividly colored abstract paintings made by Susan Swartz. 

The Collegiate Church Augments Art In the newly renovated church, a new bridge between faith and mod- ern art begins

Salzburger Nachrichten  May 2014

Salzburger Nachrichten May 2014

Salzburg -- Thursday night in the Salzburg University Church: Just as voices are amplified in this space, so the strength of the paintings of U.S. art activ- ist Susan Swartz is magnified drastically. What could be labeled as contrasting styles, become one – abstract paintings combined with Baroque architecture. These colorful compositions inspired by nature take on the massive construction of the church brilliantly. In addition, the art emphasizes detail in Fischer von Erlach’s architecture - such as the impact of the wall socket, so easily absorbing these large-scale images as a collection.

Salt Lake Magazine: The Winter Art Salon - World Class Art in a World Class State

Salt Lake Magazine  February 2014

Salt Lake Magazine February 2014

Here's your chance to see amazing art from Nelson Mandela, Dale Chihuly and Susan Swartz, to name a few. Plus, it's all for a good cause. …As for all the other artists that will be on display this weekend, Anna Hunter says, "All the exhibitors are world class. It's really wonderful for people to be able to see these very high quality pieces."

The Park Record: Kimball Art Center Unveils the first Winter Art Salon

The Park Record  February 2014

The Park Record February 2014

"I am showing a mixture of recent and older work. As a landscape artist, I am always seeing new ways to represent light, color, heat, form, patterns. My lifetime of work has been a progressive commentary on the natural world — hoping to inspire people to experience its wonder and to share in our collective responsibility of intelligent stewardship. While my recent work is completely abstract, it is still grounded in nature. Over the past two years I have been working on several series: Landscape of Resonances, Creation and Nature's Mirage."

Paintings from each series will be in The Winter Art Salon.

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Palm Beach Society: Exhibits at AFIF Showcasing Renowned Artists

Palm Beach Society  January 2014

Palm Beach Society January 2014


For a fourth season, Susan Swartz’s work will be exhibited in Palm Beach at the American International Fine Art Fair, February 4th through 9th; this year represented by Belgravia Gallery of London. Susan invites you to stop by and meet the delightful owner of Belgravia, Anna Hunter, and her daughter Laura Walford.